Where are Exported Global Variables?

Community Gurus:

Does anybody know where the “exported global variables” are stored, and how to access them?

When I execute this command ’ cmake -G “Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles” source ’ I see a comment in the generated “readme.md” file as follows:

“The project will export a global variable MACRO_UTILS_INC_FOLDER that points to the folder needed to be included so that the '#include “azure_macro_utils/macro_utils.h” ’ resolves properly”

I cannot find this “exported global variable”. Any help would be much appreciated.

Garry Anderson.

Exported global variables don’t exist. I suspect they mean that such a variable will be available when you find_package(macro-utils) (guessing the package name here). This variable is likely in a macro-utils-config.cmake file.