Issue about armClang compiler

HI, Experts,
I am using TI armClang compiler the version is ti-cgt-armllvm_1.3.0.LTS.
I am facing a issue that the linker report a error that file name or extension is too long. Then I am checking the, I found *.rsp file has not newline and I think this is the reason about linker error.
MCU1_0.rsp (40.2 KB)
And then I found which generate by CMake has something wrong:
1.rspfile_content = $in $LINK_PATH $LINK_LIBRARIES
If parameter $in change to $in_newline, *.rsp file will one obj files one line.
2.command = cmd.exe /C “$PRE_LINK && C:\ti\ti-cgt-armllvm_1.3.0.LTS_win\bin\tiarmclang.exe $FLAGS $LINK_FLAGS @$RSP_FILE -o $TARGET_FILE && $POST_BUILD”
If parameter @$RSP_FILE change to $RSP_FILE, pass to linker is *.rsp file not *.rsp file content expansion.
So how can I control CMake to generate correct
Da (2.8 KB)

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Thanks for your reply.
TI_Arm_Clang_Compiler_1.3.0 passing initial compiler test on my end, this is compiler test log.

I think the reason is the TI ARM Clang compiler expansion the rsp file content and over windows string limits(max length is 8191), causes the linker not to get all obj info. If I try to modify the content it will works normally. (2.9 KB) (2.9 KB)
So could you please Give some suggestions to me?

And I also found that it should be caused by this file.