TI_Arm_Clang_Compiler_1.3.0 not passing initial compiler test


I am trying to build using TI_Arm_Clang_Compiler_1.3.0 using cmake.
The compiler test is failing at linking and the compiler is identified as Clang instead of TI.

– The C compiler identification is Clang 12.0.1

Do you know why the compiler is not detected properly ?

Error during compiler test is as below.

error: no input section is linked in
warning: no suitable entry-point found; setting to 0
error: errors encountered during linking; “a.out” not built

Thank you.

It may be that the compiler needs more specific detections. I don’t see support for this compiler in CMake at the moment. Is there somewhere someone can get a copy of it to play around with to add support (not sure who could do it; depends on free time mostly). MRs welcome though. I don’t know if we have docs on how to add a new compiler or not.

Cc: @brad.king

This Clang based compiler seems to be released by TI last year for the first time.
The currently supported TI compilers are not based on Clang, so probably even a new TIClang compiler id has to be introduced.

Yes, a new TIClang compiler id and supporting compiler information modules will probably be needed. Please open an issue to propose the work.

Thank you for the response.
To avoid the compiler test, we have added set(CMAKE_C_COMPILER_WORKS 1) flag and build a sample application using TI_ARM_ClangCompiler_1.3.0 successfully…
Will there any issue by doing this ?

CMAKE_C_COMPILER_WORKS is not documented for public use, and causes several inspection checks to be skipped, whose results may be needed in some cases for the generators to work correctly.