Xcode ‘C++ and Objective-C Interoperability’ build setting not getting set

I m trying to create an xcode project with cpp-swift interoperability(introduced in xcode15) using cmake xcode generator. I m able to invoke cpp code in swift and vice-versa but when opening the project in xcode IDE, the build setting for ‘C++ and Objective-C Interoperability’ is still set to ‘C/Objective C’ like in image below. I should have been set to ‘C++/Objective-C++’.

I m using the below cmake for this:


add_library(cxx-support ./Sources/CxxSupport/Student1.cpp

#include the directory to access modulemap content
target_include_directories(cxx-support PUBLIC

target_compile_options(cxx-support PUBLIC
Any help on how this can be achieved?

Seems like something we need to do a FlagTable-like lookup for? @brad.king?

The VS generators have flag tables that map flags to the .vcxproj properties that MSBuild maps back to the flags. The Xcode generator doesn’t have any such tables currently, and only has hand-coded mapping of a few flags such as debug settings.

I guess that the right solution would be
flag list can be found at https://developer.apple.com/documentation/xcode/build-settings-reference
unfortunately there are no reference on allowed values (most of them are ON/OFF, but not this one) and can be found only by inspecting .pbxproj files