Windows: how to have multiple CMake versions installed?

For dev purposes on Windows, we would like to have multiple CMake versions “installed” as we easily can on Linux. This would allow local testing of issues across CMake releases (e.g. 3.14 vs. 3.18). Yes, this is what cloud-based CI is for, but that’s more difficult when using proprietary toolchains with tens of gigabyte installs.

On Windows, even if a different install directory is selected via the installer, the previous CMake install is deleted first.

Is there a workaround to install multiple CMake versions on Windows beyond compiling CMake from source? (didn’t try that, but assuming…).

CMake binaries can be downloaded not only as MSI installers, but as ZIP files too. You can use these to have as many CMake versions around as you like, and switch between them using PATH.

OK thanks for your help