Why is the default for --build different than --install?

I’m working on a Windows machine with Visual Studio’s compiles.

I create the visual studio project/solution from a build directory using the command

cmake ..

When it’s time to compile I will use the command

cmake --build .

The default for this action is to compile the Debug image.

Then when I want to test install I will use the command

cmake --install . --prefix "%CD%\..\INSTALL"

However this fails because it cannot find the Release image.

I learned that I could use the --config option for install. For examle

cmake --install . --prefix "%CD%\..\INSTALL" --config Debug

Will work.

Now the question…

Why is the default for --build the Debug image but the default for --install the Release image? Or did I inadvertantly set this behavior elsewhere in my CMake logic?

It’s probably just been an oversight. It sounds like a new issue to me though.