When using the XCODE Generator is there a way to set the scheme attribute "enableGPUFrameCaptureMode"

By default I would like to set the Xcode scheme Option GPU Frame Capture to disabled when generating an Xcode project using CMake.

In the Xcode .xcscheme file the attribute is called enableGPUFrameCaptureMode and the value I need is "3" ie. using the UI to set this attribute to disabled then I get this output in the Xcode .xcscheme file

enableGPUFrameCaptureMode = "3"

I am using the existing XCODE_SCEHEME properties to set specific scheme options ie.

set_target_properties(build-qrenderdoc PROPERTIES XCODE_SCHEME_EXECUTABLE ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/bin/qrenderdoc.app)

I could not see a property relating to GPU Frame Capture

Thank you in advance

I am considering exploring adding this as an option to the Xcode generation to be able to specify the Xcode scheme launch action property “enableGPUFrameCaptureMode” (even in a local version of cmake). As this property is reset each time I generate a new Xcode project and its default value is incorrect for the project I am currently working on.

The property XCODE_SCHEME_ENABLE_GPU_FRAME_CAPTURE_MODE was added to CMake 3.23