What targets/files does a specific component install?

Background and question

In my CMake project I am installing some built libraries and other files, all associated with several components (using the install(... COMPONENT ...) syntax).
I then want to create (Debian) packages for these components with CPack.

However, in order to properly set some explicit package dependencies I need to read some properties from the targets belonging to a component.

The problem is now that I see no way to find the list of targets (and other files) that are associated with (and installed by) a component.

Is there some (possibly undocumented) way to retrieve the list of targets/files which are installed by a specific component?


Although the CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_SHLIBDEPS and CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_GENERATE_SHLIBS variables are set to ON, only some of the package dependencies are discovered and automatically added to the list of package dependencies.
However, some of the built and installed targets require Boost libraries and link against them. (Even the Linux command ldd shows that the resulting libraries link against some Boost libraries.) Still, the associated Boost packages are not picked up automatically as dependencies for the package which installs those targets.

Why is this so?
Is this so because the libraries are located in some non-standard location and/or were found by find_package(Boost...) (using additional hints)?

Thanks for any hints.

I don’t believe so. Note that targets can be installed multiple times, so it can be part of multiple components.

I don’t know about the shlibs thing (though that sounds like a separate thread).

Cc: @kyle.edwards