What is use and significance of environment inherit in CMake Build Preset.

In CMake Build Preset inside CMakePresets.json also we can have environment and us inherit keyword to inherit properties from inherited build presets. Now in regard with CMake Config Preset these environment and inherits makes perfect sense because there I was to defined common build properties in one preset (say kernel) and will be inherited with multiple other presets like (OS presets) and finally (like Windows-x64) preset will inherits few presets and define few only few which is only applicable for config preset (Windows-x64) and we can not configure this final preset (Windows-x64).

But in case of Buildpreset, I am unable to find a real use case for the environment and inherit keyword. Can I give any build-related flags in my build preset? I guess not. Please help me to understand this .

Mohsin Siddiqui