What is `.dll` executable file of shared library target on DLL platforms?

Hi all, I recently read this document Runtime Output Artifacts. It mentioned:

On DLL platforms: the executable file (e.g. .dll) of a shared library target created by the add_library() command with the SHARED option.

And I think .dlls are not executables right? So what does this refer to exactly? And for “DLL platforms”, does this mean Windows platforms?

Thanks very much!

.dlls are executable in a sense they contain executable code, however they lack appropriate structures to be executed as a standalone program.

I think for most intents and purpose “DLL Platforms” = “Windows”. There will be edge cases, like ReactOS, but I wouldn’t worry about those unless I had already known I have to worry about them :wink:

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Thank you! :rose:

AIX as well, but this is probably not a target platform here…