What does /fast do on install targets?

This is probably a FAQ, but I couldn’t find anything in the CMake docs or Google, so I thought I’d ask here.

I was doing some tab-completion today and saw that there is an install/fast target (and, of course, install/strip/fast and install/local/fast). Now I know what install and install/strip do and I sort of understand what install/local does (this thread kind of helped).

But I’m not sure what the /fast variants do. I tried to read the Makefile that CMake generated, but I couldn’t grok much from that. install and install/fast sort of seemed identical. I also tried looking at a build.ninja file but install/fast doesn’t seem to exist there!

The /fast variants are the same as the target without the /fast except that it has no dependencies. It’s basically an “I know what I’m doing” kind of thing and failures due to missing (or out-of-date) dependencies are expected.

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Ahhh. Interesting. Thanks!

I think I might have to try and shoot myself in the foot a few times now. :smiley: