What do the "dep" parameters of include_external_msproject() do?

The documentation of include_external_msproject() mentions parameters dep1 dep2 ... in the signature:

include_external_msproject(projectname location
                           [TYPE projectTypeGUID]
                           [GUID projectGUID]
                           [PLATFORM platformName]
                           dep1 dep2 ...)

What are they for? They are not mentioned in the text at all. I tried looking at the source code of the command, but I quickly got way beyond my depth of CMake internals understanding (they are added to the generated target’s “Utilities” list, the use of which I don’t know).

I will need to use include_external_msproject() in a project, so I’d like to understand what these parameters do. Can anyone help me out?

Cc: @brad.king

The dependencies specified end up going through this code and are written into the .sln solution file. I’d welcome a documentation update.

Thanks very much for the answer. I will write something up (probably next week).