VSCode "Unable to determine what CMake generator to use. "

I realize this is a noob issue but hope someone can help me sort out what’s wrong and fix it. I followed a tutorial to create the toolchain needed to do C++ development in VSCode including installing Cmake and the CMake Tools extension as specified, without difficulty, but I cannot build projects because “Unable to determine what CMake generator to use. Please install or configure a preferred generator, or update settings.json, your Kit configuration or PATH variable. Error: No usable generator” error.

Part of the configuration was to edit settings.json to add “Nmake Makefiles” which seems to have been done correctly. In trying to troubleshoot this issue I found a Runtime Status message from Cmake saying it was not yet activated and:

“Cannot register ‘cmake.cmakePath’. This property is already registered.”

This seems germane to the problem but I have no idea how to correct it. It would be much appreciated if someone here with much deeper knowledge of Cmake and VSCode could help me out.

Let me answer my own question and not waste anyones time here. With a red face I must admit that I inadvertently typed Nmake instead of NMake - problem solved. Sorry for the bandwidth!