VSCode formatting issue on .h.in file

I just started the cmake tutorial and ran into an issue. When I want to set the .h.in file to

#define Tutorial_VERSION_MAJOR @Tutorial_VERSION_MAJOR@
#define Tutorial_VERSION_MINOR @Tutorial_VERSION_MINOR@

and then save the file, vscode create a space before the last @ character like:

#define Tutorial_VERSION_MAJOR @Tutorial_VERSION_MAJOR @
#define Tutorial_VERSION_MINOR @Tutorial_VERSION_MINOR @

I dont know where I can change this behaviour. I disabled prettier but the issue stays the same.

Sounds like a problem of Visual Studio Code, not CMake.

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Potential solution? In Files - Visual Studio Marketplace

Maybe a configuration change? visual studio code - VSCODE inserting spaces via format on save - Stack Overflow

But yes, not a CMake problem. I suggest asking a VSCode user forum.