VS multi-config: how to set different install dir for Release/Debug

There’s a single variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX which controls the install location, but I’d like to install to separate locations depending on Release/Debug builds.
I’m using multi-config VS generator.

The current workaround/hack I’m using is this:
cmake ... -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=d:/install/${BUILD_TYPE}
which will cause the literal string “d:/install/${BUILD_TYPE}” (without variable expansion) to be embedded into the install scripts, which will get evaluated during install time, and will do the thing I’m looking for, but I have the feeling that this is just a hack, and I’m looking for a better approach (if there’s any).

I don’t think there’s a mechanism for per-config install locations (and the prefix is certainly not config-aware either).

That’s unfortunate, regardless the work-around above is sufficient and works perfectly for us at this point.