Visual Studio - External Dependencies Empty?

I’m having serious issues related to my visual studio solutions cmake is generating.
I’m unable to “Find All References” or it takes a ridiculously slow time.

When I click on got to definition on files I know are being included it doesn’t work:

My project is able to compile just fine, but I’m unable to use certain visual studio features.
I suspect it’s because my external dependencies are empty:

Any suggestions to where to start looking would be appreciated.

You could make a very simple (only one target, with a single file) Visual Studio project from Visual Studio itself, then do the same thing using CMake and compare the Visual Studio files. That way you could determine what is missing in the files generated by CMake and make a feature request (or a bug report if something is actually broken).

I’m going to close this issue since I can’t successfully reproduce the issue every time… sometimes this happens other times it doesn’t.

Turns out the problem was my companies project is so big it takes a bit of time to get the external dependencies filled out. If you just wait a little the problem sorts itself out.