Using resharper cli tools with cmake under Linux ?


I tried to run JetBrain’s ReSharper command line tool InspectCode InspectCode Command-Line Tool | ReSharper Documentation today on Linux, which they say is supported:
System Requirements - dotUltimate | ReSharper

It started, but then complained that it can’t find a Visual Studio solution file.
I wonder how this is supposed to work. AFAIK the sln and project files contain Windows paths, which probably don’t match the directories under Linux.
CMake doesn’t generate Visual Studio projects under Linux.
I wonder if anybody here has experience with running the resharper tools under Linux ?


I think this probably relies on the Visual Studio Linux support which (I believe) still uses a Windows host and remotes into Linux or something like that.

I’d ask the ReSharper/JetBrains community for more info (C# support in CMake is basically “tell Visual Studio about some sources and flags” AFAIK.

Resharper also supports C++, that’s the part I’d like to use also under Linux.
I asked also on their side, waiting for feedback.

So currently it is not supported:, even though Linux is listed as supported platform, somehow: System Requirements - dotUltimate | ReSharper