Using Intentdefinition Compiler using cmake for code generation

In Xcode, when we create an intent definition file, a corresponding swift file gets generated for the intent defined in the intent definition file. This happens with the help of IntentDefinition Compiler , which can be seen in the build settings of a native xcode project.

I am generating an xcode project using cmake and I have an Intent definition file for which I need the generated swift code. But I m not aware of how to specify this Intent Definition Compiler for swift or Is this even available feature using cmake. Can someone help on how to add this to my generated Xcode project using cmake, so that the required intent handling code can be generated?

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Maybe this is something that XCODE_ATTRIBUTE_* properties can control?

hi @ben.boeckel there is no such property in CMake listed here

I mean there is no such property listed there which resembles with Srikit.

What should we do in this case ?

It’s a “pattern” property; the * part is replaced with the Xcode attribute you want it to manage.