Using cmake to make an executable in LAMMPS

I need to download this package in order to make an executable on lammps but I keep getting this error.

You probably run cmake in-source once, so the source tree gets polluted with CMake generated file which prevent from running out-of-source properly afterwards.

Can you:

  1. remove the build dir
  2. clean-up the source tree
  3. create a pristine build dir and cd into it
  4. run cmake as shown from the freshly created build dir

Do you confirm the LAMMPS you are refering to is: GitHub - lammps/lammps: Public development project of the LAMMPS MD software package

The lammps I am using is the one you referred to, I am new to all of this and would greatly appreciate if you could explain what it means to clean-up the source tree and how to do it.

The error message you posted actually contains all the information. Quoting it:

To clean up after this aborted in-place compilation: rm -r CMakeCache.txt CMakeFiles