Unable to understand the difference in 3.19 and 3.5.2


I am new to cmake and I have just started learning. So please excuse if the question is naive.

The book I am following says to use version >= 3.5.2 and I am able to find such version here https://github.com/Kitware/CMake/releases/tag/v3.5.2.

What I am not able to understand is the cmake.org web sayst the latest version is 3.19.

I am assuming that version goes up in version numbering. So how does 3.19 is latest than 3.5.2.

Perhaps I am missing some essential difference and basic knowledege of cmake structure.


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Version numbering is MAJOR [. MINOR [. PATCH [. TWEAK]]] .
Minor, patch, and tweak versions could be omitted and will be zeroed then.
Version 3 . 5 . 2 is therefore earlier (or less) than 3 . 19 [. 0]

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Like volker mentioned CMake uses semantic versioning:

Basically the difference between 3.19 and 3.5 is that 3.19 has much more features/functionality.

You can look at the release notes to see what has changed:

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