Tutorial Step2

Hi everyone, I have just started learnign CMake throught the tutorial.

However, I have kinda gotten stuck at step2. This is because the instructions have a TODO instruction, that is completely DIFFERENT from that of the actual files.
For example, on the website it says to do TODO 8: This in the top-level CMakeLists, which I interpret as the step 2/CMakeLists, but the TODO comment is in the step2/MathFunctions/CMakeLists file. All following TODO:s in exercise 2 are the same, the site says something, but the files say something different.

I don’t think this is intentional, but how are you supposed to understand the mechanics, when it seems the tutorial doesn’t even understand itself?


It seems like you may be looking at the tutorial instructions for latest but the source files on master. For example, TODO 8 in the instructions on master matches TODO 8 in the code on master: Step2/MathFunctions/CMakeLists. As you noticed, we’ve made quite a few improvements to the tutorial recently, I would suggest using the version on master.

i have been following the tutorial on the cmake.org website, is this not up to date? But yes, now I noticed the .rst files in github, thanks!

There are multiple versions of the documentation available online. By default, latest-release (https://cmake.org/cmake/help/latest/guide/tutorial/index.html) is shown but there is a drop-down box in the top left you can use to select a different version or git-master (https://cmake.org/cmake/help/git-master/guide/tutorial/index.html). The .rst files themselves won’t be that helpful as the code snippets are just markdown.