working through step 10 of tutorial and now at the last paragraph which starts “At this point, if you build everything …” and goes onto say there will be a link error if you try to build without doing what follows.

It says something about setting “the POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE target property of SqrtLibrary to be True when building shared libraries” and then provides the code to write below this. From what I can see here, It looks like you’re just supposed to add the line:

target_compile_definitions(MathFunctions PRIVATE “EXPORTING_MYMATH”)

below the line

target_link_libraries(MathFunctions PUBLIC tutorial_compiler_flags)

in the CMakeLists.txt file in the MathFunctions subdirectory.

There’s nothing shown that explicitly sets the POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE target property of SqrtLibrary as far as I can see, this is very unclear first of all pedogogically. Second of all, it doesn’t seem to work anyway. I still get the same link error when I try to build namely:
“LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘Release\MathFunctions.lib’ [C:\Users\tdennis…”

Can someone explain what I’m missing and can someone make this step clearer? In particular, explain this business of POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE and how what is written is related to this?

@betsy.mcphail may be interested in following up on this query.