Tutorial command in cmake tutorial exercise

I am following the tutorial:

Step 1: A Basic Starting Point — CMake 3.27.3 Documentation

The command:

Tutorial 4294967296

shows the error:

  • Why do you use unicode chars in your path?
  • And what is your question?

Presumably that is their name in their native orthography.

My guess is the “not recognized as an internal or external command”.

It appears as though the tutorial does not consider multi-config generator usage. In this case, you should run .\Debug\Tutorial 4294967296.

Cc: @betsy.mcphail

The documentation for this step could use some extra details for multi-config generators. I created a MR here → https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake/-/merge_requests/8734

I am in South Korea and those characters are built in here in the system.
What is the expected output with this tutorial when I use

 Tutorial 4294967296

I have shown what I get. It shows the error!

The MR Betsy made now has instructions for a cd Debug for multi-config generators. If you cd to Debug, does the command now work?