Trouble with tutorial step 9: cpack using wrong generator


Going through tutorial step9, cpack is giving:

CPack Error: Cannot find NSIS compiler makensis: likely it is not installed, or not in your PATH
CPack Error: Could not read NSIS registry value. This is usually caused by NSIS not being installed. Please install NSIS from
CPack Error: Cannot initialize the generator NSIS

It seems that set(CPACK_SOURCE_GENERATOR "TGZ") is ignored. Is it expected behavior?
NB: forcing the generator from CLI (cpack -G ZIP) is working.


Did you mean to set the package type of the source package? That’s what CPACK_SOURCE_GENERATOR is for. Perhaps you meant to use CPACK_GENERATOR instead?


I merely followed the tutorial which uses the given line.
Changing for `set(CPACK_GENERATOR “TGZ”) actually solve the issue. Thus it’s a typo within the tutorial.

Hard to detect because this one is very “copy-and-paste” oriented and does not give a lot of explanations on what is done.


@betsy.mcphail Sounds like there may be something not right in step9 of the CMake tutorial. Could be worth you taking a look.

Thanks for the ping, I created PR 9503 to also set CPACK_GENERATOR in this step.