Tool for up-grading CMAKE files from Old to New?


I very much appreciate using the previous version of CMAKE (in 2019) to build my custom software integrated into GNURADIO.
However I’m struggling with the conversion to use the newest version of CMAKE. I feel like my programs are very
simple really (just a few C++ modules). However I’ve yet to get them to build successfully
in the new CMAKE environment.

Is there a simple CMAKE tool analog to “2to3” that converts python 2 to python 3 compatible code?

I must only be missing a few new CMAKE “defines”, and probably anyone knowing what
they are doing could identify these changes. (I’ve tried, but obviously I must not

know what I’m doing).

My code was completely successfully built in the old version of CMAKE (again in 2019 with gnu radio 3.7.13).

The code is at

git clone

and builds in a minute or two with the OLD CMAKE.
Unfortunately CMAKE DIES in the new environment.

Thanks in advance for your help.



The link to the repository doesn’t work for me. Could you please post a working link so we can see the code?

What exactly is the error you’re getting? CMake has strong backwards compatibility, and an old project that doesn’t build in new CMake is a regression that we would want to fix (unless it abuses internal, undocumented implementation details of CMake.)

Thank you very much for looking at this issue.
Several others working on Gnuradio are reporting similar issues.
I will relay your answers the them.

Very sorry about my typo.

This is the link:


I will send the error message when I get back home to my Raspberry pi
used for gnuradio experiments.

Thanks. I don’t see anything in the CMakeLists.txt that immediately looks problematic, though I will note that you are setting a very old version for cmake_minimum_required(), and are setting policies to OLD rather than migrating to the NEW behavior, both of which are generally not considered good practice.

I’ll be able to say more once you provide a detailed error message.