Tasking compiler: Linking error - "cctc E205: don’t know what to do with @CMakeFiles\sample.rsp"

i have created cmake project , i included all the source files , i am able to generate object files but i got linking error.
this is the error → “cctc E205: don’t know what to do with @CMakeFiles\sample.rsp” .
compiler : TASKING

please help me how to resolve this linking error.

It seems that the compiler in use doesn’t understand response files. What compiler is this?

Tasking compiler

I’ve never heard of this compiler. It might be that CMake doesn’t support it. What compiler does it get detected as?


I’ve given compiler(.exe) in the CmakeLists.txt.

do i need to mention anything about sample.rsp in CmakeLists.txt ?

No, the response files are a mechanism used in CMake (probably the Ninja generator here).

And how does CMake identify it? There should be a line in an initial configure about “compiler identification”. If CMake doesn’t know how to use the compiler you’ve given, it won’t be able to make command lines that work for it. If it thinks it is MSVC or something, it better well act like MSVC or things just won’t work.

Cmake generated the *.rsp file always using @ but this is not accepted by tasking compiler. Tasking compiler expects -f instead of @.

So, to read *.rsp file add "set(CMAKE_C_RESPONSE_FILE_LINK_FLAG "-f “)” in Cmakelists.txt