system build

When update the cmake code, it has something system environment upgrade.
Do you have any suggest tool to build the environment and doesnt effect the original system ?
I only know the docker. It can do it.

Apple has yet to provide an isolation mechanism similar to Docker. VMs are the best you can do, but they are a royal pain to deploy and administer. We just keep a tight control on our macOS CI machines to keep them in a sensible state ourselves.

Because I want to use my computer linux to build the code on different env (linux, macos , windows) and test it.
Could you give me some advice ?
Thanks you

Cross compiling to macOS is a difficult problem. The best I know of is Darling, but I haven’t used it myself.

For Windows, you’ll need a cross-compiler. This can either be MinGW (usually packaged by distros) or using WINE to install and run a Visual Studio toolchain. You’ll need WINE to then run any resulting binaries.