swig cmake windows - debug _d suffix

Dear experts,
I used to use cmake 3.12 + Swig to generate some C++/Python API in Release/Debug mode.
I recently moved to cmake 3.24 and I can see that now, in Debug mode, a suffix _d is added to the generated libraries and python API code source.
Before checking which cmake version introduced/fixed this, I am wondering whether there is some option which could be set at the CMakeLists.txt file to disable swig from adding _d suffix to generated Python code ?

UseSWIG module do not manage any special postfix for debug mode.

Can you provide a simple snippet showing the problem?

It seems like CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX is set to _d somewhere. You can unset it around your SWIG libraries (either the variable or by unsetting the DEBUG_POSTFIX target property) explicitly.

thanks for your replies. I will try to arrange a small show case. I mean, I did not change anything to the source code nor the visual version - Here I simply moved from cmake 3.12 to cmake 3.24

I assume you mean 3.24 as if you’re reporting a bug about a version not released yet, we can just add a test today to prevent that :wink: . FWIW, CMake’s codebase itself has no _d references beyond documentation and temporary variables.

returning back from future 3.24 - fixed typo