Specify <lib>-prefix folder destination

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When I build external project using ExternalProject_Add usually I can see three folders:

<lib>     (source folder)
<lib>-build     (build folder)
<lib>-install     (install folder)
<lib>-prefix     (prefix??? folder)

For example for hdf5 lib I have:

HDF5     (source folder)
HDF5-build     (build folder)
HDF5-install     (install folder)
HDF5-prefix     (prefix??? folder)

What parameter controlls where HDF5-prefix will be located?

Usually I have:


these specify only src, build and install dirs. How to specify <lib>-prefix dir?

Quoting https://cmake.org/cmake/help/latest/module/ExternalProject.html:

PREFIX <dir>

Root directory for the external project. Unless otherwise noted below, all other directories associated with the external project will be created under here.


If no PREFIX , EP_PREFIX , or EP_BASE is specified, then the default is to set PREFIX to <name>-prefix .

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