Setup Eclipse

I have everything installed but I don’t have the understanding to set up cmake for eclipse.

Not a full answer but some hints/links.

It depends on what exactly you wants to do (the level of customization you need).

  • First of all, it seems that you can generate eclipse projects directly from CMake:
  • Maybe you can use an Eclipse plugin: Help/Eclipse Marketplace search for CMake (you’ll have to look at each plugin doc to see if it fits your need)
  • You can directly configure Eclipse to call CMake, and then build with the generated CMake (CMake can be associated to a “custom command” button (see Eclipse doc) and then, in each project build settings, change default setting to use your custom makefile.
  • You may follow this step by step procedures that is a (detailed) variant of above proposal: JV - Science and stuff.

Sorry to not be more specific but I hope it will help.