Set the "Additional Dependencies " option in under the Librarian Tag while creating a Static Library Project

I am trying to create a Static Library Project in Visual Studio 2017. I wish to add another Static library under the “Additional Dependencies” Tab in the Librarian section using CMake. I am using the following command to acieve the same:
target_link_libraries(opensea-transportLib PRIVATE Cfgmgr32.lib)
where opensea-transportLib is my target name and Cfgmgr32.lib is the library to be added.
However, this change is not getting updated in the Visual Studio Project after building the project with CMake.

Is this the correct way to achieve the same? Is there any other alternative way to add the “Additional Dependencies” under the Librarian section?

I don’t know if that’s where they show up in the generated files. Does the string show up in a grep of the project files at least?

Cc: @brad.king