Set environment variables for all CMake Presets


is it somehow possible to define environment variables for all existing preset.

The use case I’m thinking off is the following. Say I have a project with CMakePresets with a lot of presents for different compilers, generators.

On my machine now I do have library X which is not found automatically. Thus, I want to set CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or something on my machine. Perfekt for this is a CMakeUserPresets. But the problem I see so far is that I have to inherit an existing preset and enhance it. So what I’m currently do i just define a “default” preset, which uses some configurations like Make + Clang Compiler in Debug Mode and set the cmake variable for this target. But it would be more convenient to define a user option, which is applied automatically to all presets in CMakePresets.

Is something like this possibly or would it be a good idea to implement perhaps?