Set default target for project(SomePorject NONE) project


I am using cmake not to build something, but to generate some Makefile with bunch of tatrgets.
So I do not have any executable, or library, but I have a lot of add_custom_targets with a lot of ifs

It works well for me.

The only thing that I did not manage to, is to set one of the target as “default”, so I can just run make after generating, and get one of my target processed.

Let’s say I have

add_dependencies(target_A target_A1)
add_dependencies(target_A target_A2)

And have some commands added to these target.

How can I have target_A being executed when I issue make command after generation?

All solutions I’ve googeled, advises to do use add_library somehow, but I have no real library in my case… What is the solution in this case?

Use option ALL to include any custom target as part of all default target.

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That worked. Thanks for quick answer