Run configure step only for specific target


Is it possible to run the configuration step only for a specific target instead of for the whole CMake project?

I’m trying to compile a project’s component to WASM using Emscripten. This means that I have to modify CMake’s config to point to WASM versions of the project’s dependencies. If I could run the configure step only for the specific target I’m interested in, I could avoid modifying the configuration for other targets that require additional dependencies and look for/build WASM versions of those dependencies. Looking on StackOverflow turned out this, that makes me think that maybe there isn’t an option for this. But I would like a confirmation, as such a feature could be a lifesaver in my situation.
Thank you for your help,


No, that’s not something CMake supports. Your best bet is probably to comment out directories and use if (FALSE) to block out code you don’t want.

Well, best would be to have the project support turning off bits with configure flags, but that’s something to discuss with the project’s maintainers.