RSP files equivalent when using Unix Makefiles

I’m working on a project with CMake, using Ninja generator. I have a post build command to “include” a CRC in the generated binary. It make a 2nd link including the CRC. The command use the .rsp file to have the list of all necessary object files.

I would like to build the project under STM32Cube IDE. The only accepted generator is Unix Makefile using make. When using it, it do not seems to generate a .rsp file.

What could I use in my custom link command to have the list of all generated object?$


I have found the $<TARGET_OBJECTS:CurrentTarget>
It contain the list of all obj. The problem is that all objects are separate by a “;”. Is there a way to retrieve the same list, but without the “;” and jsut a space.

So, I’m move step by step

I found that I can use $<TARGET_OBJECTS:currentTarget> to retrieve all the .obj of the target. And I can use the COMMAND_EXPAND_LISTS to remove all the “;” from the object list.

The problem is that TARGET_OBJECTS contain only the .obj used to generate the target, not all the linked lib “.a”

Is there an equivalent to TARGET_OBJECTS to retrieve the linked .a lib?