Replacement for VS_DEBUGGER_ENVIRONMENT with MS VS 2022 ?


with cmake and the “normal” Visual Studio generator I can use VS_DEBUGGER_ENVIRONMENT to adjust e.g. the PATH environment variable so that the executables can find their dlls.
When using Visual Studio 2022 with builtin cmake support, the Visual Studio generator is not used, so this does not work.
What should I use instead to make the executables find their dlls ?
Probably a custom launch.vs.json ?
Which I should probably add to the VCS ?
I found the following documentation:

which documents which properties can be set.
But, how can I refer e.g. to the CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR in that file ?
Are there somehow builtin variables or macros which I can use in launch.vs.json ?

Or do I have to configure_file() the launch.vs.json ?

Thanks for pointers