Remove "built using CMake" from Debian package description


I am using CMake to build small libraries and create debian packages. I have used the CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION directive to give the package a description but the description added to the package is prefixed with <lib name> built using CMake. Is there a way to lose the “built using CMake” bit?

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I don’t see where this is happening in CMake’s code at all. I don’t know exactly where --trace-expand would go, but maybe cpack -G Deb --trace-expand would work to try and see where that string comes from?

This is very odd! I just rebuilt all my libs and they are note exhibiting this behaviour. I was working on a different device which has since been re-imaged. I wonder if it was an older version of CMake or other libs. This (working) version is 3.13.4. (I wish I had recorded the previous version - I usually do when reporting issues. I guess I started here to sound out whether this was a user error.)

Thanks for the advice @ben.boeckel. That is a useful debug tip.