regex doesn't work in source_group

cmake 3.24

set_target_linker(${PROJECT_NAME} ${SOURCES_MCU_LOADER})

I have 3 files in those lists, one blah.c one blah.s and one blah.ld. no matter what I put in regex I get blah.c and blah.s. if I change name of source group it changes just fine.

sadly blah.ld is never listed.

I want to see blah.ld in sources just in case I need to double check it and tweak it.

I presume this is the .ld file. I don’t see it in the add_executable list of sources.

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oh, I need to add not only c/cpp/h/hpp but any files there?
thank you!

If you want it associated with the target in question within an IDE (AFAIK, the only place source_group matters), yes.