Refering to generated files specified in top level CMakeList.txt from sub_directory CMakeList.txt

HI, I am using cmake 3.20. But it also happens with 3.28

In top level CMakeList.txt I do

    OUTPUT ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/version.cpp

And later in same file I do


And that works fine.
But if I refer to ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/version.cpp
in another CMakeList.txt added via add_subdirectory, cmake complains that it cannot find it, and fails during configuration.

Is it supposed to not work.
Is there some work-around?

OK. I read the documentation, and it is not supposed to work. My workaround is to duplicate the custom command in each directory I use it, and output to CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR

Starting with CMake 3.20 it should work. Have you updated your cmake_minimum_required to use the newer policies?

Please see CMP0118 for details.

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Thank you. make_minimum_required did the trick.