Recommended RAM and hard drive space

Hi, all. Based on your usage of CMake, what would you say is the recommended RAM (GB) and hard disk space (GB) for installation and optimal use? Working to determine compute resources required for the application prior to installation and use. Thank you! – Kahdeem

This completely depends on your project and isn’t really related to CMake. The bigger your project, the more likely you are to benefit from having more RAM and CPU. As a general guide, I aim for 4Gb RAM per CPU, but some people are happy with as little as 1Gb per CPU. The linker is likely to be the one that has the highest RAM requirements unless you have enormous source files (generated code is sometimes guilty of creating these). As for disk space, you’d have to do builds and see how much is used. Some projects are tiny. I’ve had other projects that used 80Gb. Developers might want to build many different projects on their machine, so I’d talk to your developers and see what they think they need. As a general guide, SSD disk will be a noticeable boost to performance compared to spinning disk HDD.


These are guidelines for C / C++ build system in general, right?

More or less, yes. I am basing that mostly on experience working with C++ projects of a broad range of sizes and complexities. I don’t know if that was the case for the original question though.