Quiet Make Output for Normal Builds


I’ve Googled and can’t find any answers on this.
How do I keep Make, when generated from CMake, from outputing text like:

Consolidate compiler generated dependencies of target
[ 29%] Built target Target
Building CXX object object.cpp.o

We’re using Ninja and CMake. Ninja shows the status, but it’s in a single line. Make, however, is incredibly noisy because of how these messages are being output.

There is a global property RULE_MESSAGES, potentially initialsed by cache variable CMAKE_RULE_MESSAGES, which controls these outputs in the Makefile generator.

So if you want to disable this output form CMake command line, pass -DCMAKE_RULE_MESSAGES=OFF to cmake when generating. If you want to always turn this off in your project, you can set the global property: set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY RULE_MESSAGES OFF)

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This is incredibly helpful. Where did you find this? It’s possible my Google terms were off.

I had a faint memory that I encountered something like this once. So I went and looked through the list of variables and the list of properties to see if something’s there, and indeed there was.