Qt5 root path error

Hi there,

I’m a total newbie here asking for your help to understand this,

I’m trying to build a project on Windows called OpenRV >> GitHub - AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenRV: Open source version of RV, the Sci-Tech award-winning media review and playback software.

OpenRV Docs >> https://github.com/AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenRV/blob/main/docs/build_system/config_windows.md

I installed all the necessary libraries listed on the docs link. But when I run the project under CMake it shows me an error, and it looks like it cannot find the Qt5 path directory

Also my Qt is set on my sys environment as:


-Visual Studio 16 2019 installed
-Strawberry Perl is installed on the system
-MSYS2 is installed on the system with all the pacman packages listed on the above link
-I created a Env. Var for Path=C:\msys64\mingw64\bin

What I’m doing wrong, or what other step I could be missing here?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance

It looks like you’re using the Visual Studio generator. You can’t really mix MSYS binaries with that. I suggest you use the cmake provided by MSYS’ pacman. MSYS and Windows CMake builds are different and can’t be used for each other.