Q: Are there ways to control the response file item delimiter?

The linker used in my current development environment (running on Windows) does not accept the newline as an argument delimiter. This triggers linker error (under -G Ninja). Are there ways to control it?

Source/cmNinjaNormalTargetGenerator.cxx#L406-410 says that the delimiter only depends on IsGCCOnWindows() and there seems to be no control related properties/variables existed.

What platform is this? I suspect it would need a new toolchain-level variable to let the generator know this information. Of course, ninja itself only supports generating response files (using whatever support it has there) with a newline delimiter and I don’t think that will change anytime soon…

You could write a wrapper around your compiler that detects the response file argument and changes the contents as needed before invoking the compiler itself.

In the past I thought already about synchronizing Ninja and Make newline behavior. With the additional goal to add a CMake variable which can override the default setting.
I think a TI compiler issue (and this) can be fixed by adding a newline in Make.