Problem with TI-C compiler

Hello !

I am trying to build an executable with the TI-C compiler (TI v20.2.2.LTS precisely) to cross-compile for an ARM microcontroller.

The compiler step is working properly, all the object files are generated.
At the linking step, the linker is using a file named objects1.rsp to retrieve the path to each .obj files to link. I have a folder that has sources, it has a path like"afolder/blabla-Lib-blablabla/asubfolder". The problem is that the linker stops to read in the middle of the path and returns "cannot find file “afolder/blabla”. So I went through the objects1.rsp file and realise that this may be caused by the absence of double quotes around each paths.

I do not know if it is a bug or a compatibility problem with this compiler. So I post in this section.

Do you know a way to solve this problem ?

Config : - Windows 10
- CMake used in Visual studio Code with the “cmake-tools” add-on.
- Generator : MinGW

Thank you

There were recently some upgrades to the TI compiler support in 3.19. Does using 3.19.x resolve your problem?

Cc: @brad.king