Poco C++ lib used for native & cross compile

I’m trying to get a C++ project going in VS Code with cmake. There are several executables. Some are native Linux, some are cross compiled for Power PC. Some are both. All use the Poco llibrary. The Poco library needs a MySQL C++ connector. I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 with the latest tools.

From what I’ve read, you normally build and install Poco into the normal Linux place. The cmake find_package can then find it and use it. I guess this would work for the native executables, but what about the cross compiled executables?

I think I would like to have the Poco source in my project, and have cmake set up to compile it and install it both native and for PowerPC in a directory in the cmake root directory (so I don’t have to recompile Poco). Then find the native or PowerPC libraries by using HINT to point to the correct place.

Is this the best approach? Any help MUCH appreciated!

I’m new to cmake. I’ve read books, youtube, udemy, google, but…