please, can you help me urgently

Hello, ı need to run a engineering code but for cmake ım beginner. I have to go this process

MCS compiling procedure:

  • Open CMakeLists.txt and change the default library path, xsdir, and version of library.
  • Open CMakeLists.txt and check the preprocessor definitions.
  • Make directory bld, and move to bld.
  • Type “cmake …”.
  • Type “make”.
  • MCS executable named “mcs” will be generated in the bld directory.

These commands is given to run code. But ı couldnt make it. Can anyone help me out how ı fullfill this command series. Thank you.

I believe this to be a question for MCS developers. There’s not enough information here to help you (did you see an error? with which step?) or any indication that CMake itself is not working as intended. Could the upstream documentation be clarified some more?