PkgConfig's IMPORTED_TARGET doesn't seem to have a `_STATIC` variant?

Consider something like this:

find_package(PkgConfig REQUIRED)
pkg_check_modules(UV REQUIRED IMPORTED_TARGET libuv)

There doesn’t seem to be a PkgConfig::UV_STATIC target that has all the properties from running pkg-config --static. There are UV_STATIC_* variables, but no target. I could use these to make a target, I suppose, but I don’t yet have enough confidence to make sure it’s right.

I tried tracing through the macros FindPkgConfig.cmake, but I don’t understand macros enough yet to make sense of why it’s not made.

Is this an intentional omission?

It’s probably an oversight. The initial implementation probably didn’t consider static libraries. Please file a feature request for this.

Turns out one was filed 3 months ago!