PDF documentation

Is there a .pdf documentation somewhere (didn’t find it), or is there a way to build it ‘easily’. The rationale is to be able to browse the docco, beside beeing able to put it off line on my tablet and read it on the go.


You can download qthelp file from CMake documentation page
and/or generate single html version from source.
(I don’t know if it is easy to read qthelp file on a tablet though)
With that you get the official “builtin” CMake reference documentation.

May be a better option for “reading” would be to buy a Professional CMake book:
https://crascit.com/professional-cmake/ from Craig
which is very complete
which is interesting if you want to follow examples and run them.
Only reading it without running the example may not be interesting because this is a “cookbook”.

Those two are quite recent CMake books and you can get them as PDF.