Packaging an application

I am trying to install a small webclient that has a libcurl.dll depedency on Windows.
Below is the snipped for the install instructions, but the problem is that not all dlls/deps are copied:

        install(TARGETS ipclient
                DESTINATION bin COMPONENT binaries)

What would be the best way to include deps in the install?
Thanks a lot for your help!

The install(TARGETS) call doesn’t, by default, install any dependencies. You can use file(GET_RUNTIME_DEPENDENCIES) though. install() did learn to handle some things with file(GRD) itself, but I’m not seeing the arguments in the latest docs. @kyle.edwards is that in 3.21 or 3.22?

install(RUNTIME_DEPENDENCY_SET) is currently part of CMake 3.21. I’ve been poking at it from a user’s perspective over the past couple of weeks, put up a few bug reports about things that aren’t working so well yet. I’m on the fence whether it is ready for this release, but depends on whether Kyle gets a chance to look at some of the issues (some are admittedly not new because they are in file(GET_RUNTIME_DEPENDENCIES), but the result makes the new functionality of limited use to my eyes).