NuGetTestProject license

As the cmake project contains a sub-repository(NuGetTestProject) as part of its source. Could you please help confirm the license of this component ?

CMake/Tests/RunCMake/VsNugetPackageRestore/Repository/NuGetTestProject at master · Kitware/CMake
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This is a small bespoke NuGet package that a contributor added for the purpose of testing NuGet functionality. Its source code is located in the Package directory next to the Repository directory - this can be confirmed by running strings on the .dll inside the package and comparing it with the source code in Library.cs. All original work that’s contributed to CMake is presumed to be the same 3-clause BSD license as the rest of the code base. This code is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license.

So what is the license for NuGetTestProject ? 3-clause BSD ?

Yes. See Copyright.txt for the details of the license.